• Clearly communicate your ESOP’s value
  • Maximize ESOP education and culture
  • Recruit and retain top talent


Educate & Engage

See how the ESOP works alongside your 401k to positively impact retirement savings. Our ESOP Calculator makes it easy to project future ESOP balances and build a culture of ownership.

Recruit & Retain

Show potential employees the benefits of joining your company and the financial rewards of a long-term career.

Manage & Analyze

Simplify the management of all your ESOP information. We provide one location for instant access to your documents, statements, and employee holdings.

Simplicity Meets Clarity

ESOP One makes engaging, motivating, and educating your employee-owners simple. We come alongside your existing TPA to illustrate the long-term value of your employee stock ownership plan while alleviating the administrative burdens of education and communication.

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ESOP ONE Features

Individual User Profiles

Each employee-owner will have a profile to view and save their personalized retirement roadmap.

Recruitment Tool for Potential Employees

Recruitment calculator for HR and Hiring Managers to illustrate the long-term benefits of joining your ESOP.

Store & Distribute ESOP Statements

Save and electronically distribute ESOP, Total Comp and SARs statements.

Global Snapshot of Employee Holdings and SARs

Provides senior management with a global view of all employee ESOP holdings, SARs, and Warrants.

Communication Hub (Docs, News, Calendar)

One central location for all your documents, educational material, corporate announcements, calendars, and news.

Repurchase Obligation Calculator

Instantly calculate the future repurchase obligation. We consolidate all employee retirement target and estimated diversification events to provide an accurate projection of cash needs.

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