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An incredibly effective tool!

ESOP One has been an incredibly effective tool for us to communicate the power of the ESOP. The dashboards provide a way for us to visually represent the retirement benefits for each employee. Feedback from our workforce has been tremendous. The implementation team at ESOP One is very knowledgeable and is committed to a successful rollout at our company. It… Read more

An Invaluable Resource

An Invaluable Resource

April 12, 2024

ESOP One serves as a centralized hub for all things employee-ownership, making information easily accessible to everyone. Their dedication to excellence ensures that our employee-owners stay informed and engaged in our shared ownership path. Thank you, ESOP One!” Read more

Ownership Growth Simplified.

We became 100% employee owned in 2021 and wanted to find a one-stop online platform where our employee owners could easily access their account balances but one that also provide a calculator tool that would demonstrate the growth potential for their Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Read more

Empowering Simplified Security.

One of the main things we struggled with was communicating the benefits and providing our employees the education and ways to illustrate the potential wealth that an employee owner could build through the ESOP. Read more

Value, Simplicity, Trust.

ESOP One has been an excellent internet-based software service for our ESOP members, which has grown in value over time. The platform is easy to use, and the customer service team is exceptional. We tried other programs in the past, but ESOP One has been the best. Read more

Build. Belong. Benefit.

Build. Belong. Benefit.

April 4, 2024

Our company became 100% employee-owned last year, and we were looking for a way to illustrate the potential wealth that an employee-owner could build through the ESOP.
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